tClear Tri-Proof  Transparent LED Display: Anti-collision, Waterproof, Dustproof, and High-density Nano-protective Layer, Making the Product Safer and more Reliable During Use and Transportation.

tClear Series Transparent Glass LED Display

The birth of tri-proof Transparent LED Display is due to a revolutionary innovation of ordinary Transparency LED Screen.

Throughout the use process, we found the common Transparent LED Screen, which is easy to install and free to combine, and also provide high brightness, but at the same time, they are sophisticated product, cannot avoid outside damage and not easy to clean, so a new generation of Tri-proof Patented Products was born.

If you are also facing such problems, we strongly recommend tri-proof transparent LED display.

The tri-proof transparent LED display will give you a distinctive display experience that will satisfy your vision of a perfect LED display.
*High transparency
*Waterproof, Dust-proof And Anti crash
*Die-casting aluminum structure & Light Weight
*Quick&easy installation. Fast lock installation design, can fixed and remove quickly and easily.