oFixed Series LED Display is widely used in outdoor, the outdoor fixed large-scale digital sign could be applied at diversity of sites for advertising, such as stadium video recap, shopping mall with dozens of floors and so on.

oFixed Series LED Display

Such special design setting forth outdoor LED displaying wall is usually appearing like the unique signage located in front of the building or the considered as an icon for making a broadcast medium of the bulletin, notice and product details and so on to be released,
whenever people walk near to the building, it’s an effective way to capture the first viewer’s attention and promote the business, much different from the indoor mounting LED wall,
it is built up to withstand so much weather rating conditions and cope with stability issue and heat dissipation, hence several items of revolutionary technology being applied over the chassis of LED panels to overcome all sorts of conditions.
*Easy Installation and Disassembly
*Light Weight
*Magnetically Fixed or Screwed
*Waterproof and dustproof
*High Contrast